About ThankView

ThankView is a fast growing tech startup focused on making outreach more impactful through personalized video. Whether you want to create sincere solicitations, spice up event invites or individually thank donors, the ThankView platform will allow you to design, record, send and track 1 or 100,000 videos in minutes. Hundreds of universities, nonprofits and other institutions are seeing increased engagement (with an average 61% email open rate), learning more about their audience through our in-depth metrics dashboard and experiencing increases in donations as high as 15%.

Our Shared Values


We deliver our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable to each other and our customers.

Honesty & Respect

We connect with transparency and respect each other’s opinion, even when we don’t agree. We own our successes and our failures.


We have a bias towards action and a willingness for risk. While undertaking that action we always ask, “How can this be done differently?”


We know that fun isn’t a byproduct - it’s our main ingredient.


We remember that everything is momentary and nothing is a given. We approach our work and relationships knowing this, appreciating what we have.

Meet Our Team

JD Beebe
Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Bai
Chief Technology Officer

Keith Maneri
Creative Director

Nadya Collins
Chief Customer Officer

Chelsie-Jean Fernandez
Head of Product

Eddy Monge
Community & Culture Manager

Jose Lopez
Director of Sales

Mike O’Connell
Account Executive Sales Manager

Alain Pierre
Account Executive

Sabrina Bernier
Account Executive

Dennis Lawrence
Account Executive

Terry Mooney
Account Executive

Morgan Geyer
Account Executive

Amy Zucker
Sales Development Manager

Domenic Giambattista
Sales Development Representative

Abdullah Zubair
Sales Development Representative

Alex Brunner
Sales Development Representative

Ody Abille
Sales Support Assistant

John Dodderidge
Operations Manager

Delaney Strittmatter
Community Marketing Manager

Lina Orjuela
Manager, Customer Support & Operations

Jen Zacher
Customer Success

Greer Larson
Customer Success

Ali Billedeaux
Customer Success

Kevin Replinger
Customer Success

Kristin Haugh
Customer Success

Charlotte Fedders
Customer Success

Hindoveeh Etheridge-Bullie
Customer Support

Jorelle Montes
Customer Support

Sydney Lee
Customer Support

Katie Wiseman
Customer Onboarding

Xyrene Kelsey Goot
Customer Onboarding

Maya Cruz
Customer Onboarding

Karen Ip
UX/UI Designer

Jay Wang
Product Designer

Angella Tham

Josh Vickerson
Senior Front-End Developer

Gianna Gerton
Full Stack Developer

Michelle Ureña
Full Stack Developer

Andrew Young
Front-End Developer

Chris Traynor
Full Stack Developer

Zafir Hasan
Full Stack Developer

Uni Unicorn
Company Mascot

Advisory Board

Michael Cardamone
Managing Director at Acceleprise

George Liao
VP Engineering at Sailthru