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Combine the best in personalized stewardship and fundraising under one roof to help you raise more money, thank donors faster and track your ROI better.

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Close the Fundraising Loop

Personalize with Video Appeals

Create individualized video solicitations coupled with branded forms and fundraising pages

Raise More Money

Collecting donations and raising funds as a team has never been easier with almost all payment forms accepted and transparent low fees

Say "Thank You" Faster

Donor data is instantly added into ThankView so you can start stewarding right away

Track Progress & Analyze Results

We’ve married engagement analytics with donation data to showcase your ROI & help make the next step

Modernize Your Giving

35-40% of donors give with an alternative payment method. We accept them all.

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Why ThankGiving?

One contract. One Support team.

Add ThankGiving to your existing contract & skip procurement

Give with Venmo or Apple Pay

Pay in 10 seconds or less with the most popular payment systems

Close the loop & keep track of giving

Instantly sync donor data with ThankView to thank them faster

Fundraise as a team & track your progress

Create teams in seconds to utilize social leaderboards, trackable links, and more

Increase conversion rates with young alumni

Empower your alumni to fundraise on behalf of your organization

Customized, fully-branded landing pages

Translate your branding seamlessly across all fundraising and stewardship pages

100% transparent fees as low as 0%

Never pay more for raising more with fixed, low rates

Giving on mobile has never been easier

Donate in as few as 3 clicks using the mobile-optimized webpages

Invite, Engage and Collect

Make your giving days more exciting with personalized video appeals, leaderboards & live streaming

Throw real or virtual events with ticketing, check-ins, calendar integrations, and video invitations

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When to Use ThankGiving

Giving Days: Create personalized video appeals that live directly on your fundraising pages to increase engagement and donations

Peer-to-Peer: Feature student athletes and volunteers in video messages encouraging their supporters to give

Events: Encourage ticket sales using a convincing video, then send custom ThankViews to those who attended (and those who didn't)

Student Emergency Funds: Pair a sincere video solicitation with a giving form to help support students in need

Push Donor Data Directly Into ThankView

Automatically add donors to ThankView campaigns to thank them within seconds of a gift being made

Instantly pull in relevant data points like donation amount, designation and years giving to personalize each message

Track all your donations in your ThankViews metrics dashboard to see your ROI in real-time

How We Stack Up

Comparison of publicly available information. Last updated: Aug 9th, 2020
Comparison of publicly available information. Last updated: Aug 9th, 2020 ThankGiving Classy GiveCampus
Customizable Forms ThankGiving: Yes Classy: Yes GiveCampus: Yes
Peer-to-Peer & Teams ThankGiving: Yes Classy: Yes GiveCampus: Yes
Giving Days ThankGiving: Yes Classy: Yes GiveCampus: Yes
Virtual Events ThankGiving: Yes Classy: No GiveCampus: No
Digital Wallets ThankGiving: Yes Venmo, Apple / Google Pay, Paypal Classy: Partial Paypal only (via separate account) GiveCampus: Partial Apple / Google Pay only
Embeddable Elements ThankGiving: Yes Classy: No GiveCampus: No
Test-to-Donate ThankGiving: Yes Classy: No GiveCampus: No
Video Appeals ThankGiving: Yes Classy: No GiveCampus: No
Video Thank-Yous ThankGiving: Yes Classy: No GiveCampus: No
Dynamic Personalization ThankGiving: Yes Classy: No GiveCampus: No
Conversion Tracking ThankGiving: Yes Classy: No GiveCampus: No
White Labeling ThankGiving: Yes Classy: No GiveCampus: No
Custom Domains ThankGiving: Yes Classy: Yes GiveCampus: No
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Frequently Asked Questions

So how does it work?

ThankGiving is the partnership between ThankView (personalized video outreach) and Givebutter (fundraising suite of tools). You choose your ideal package of both platforms, our team helps you connect them and then you can use both in a single, seamless experience.

Do I need two contracts?

No! If you’re already a ThankView partner, you can add the fundraising tools of ThankGiving to your existing contract. No new vendor forms. No procurement process. And you'll receive all the support you need from your ThankView team. Breathe a big sigh of relief!

What are the advantages of ThankGiving vs. other options?

With ThankGiving, you can create personalized video appeals that land the donor directly on a giving form, fundraising page, event site or virtual event. The personalized touch will lead to higher conversions. And following a donation, that data goes immediately into ThankView so you can thank the donor within seconds of a gift. Huzzah!

I only use ThankView for stewardship. Is ThankGiving right for me?

Absolutely! The Givebutter fundraising suite is amongst the best online (voted the #1 highest-rated fundraising software by G2 amongst 223 alternatives) and can help raise you more money, full stop. One of the most powerful parts of ThankGiving is being able to immediately thank donors within seconds of processing a gift, so this partnership will help you raise more money and thank donors faster. Win win!

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